Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that a new edition of “If Not Now”, the e-journal dedicated to the care and unique needs of aging survivors and their descendants… is now online!

You will find Volume 6, Spring/Summer 2006 at

It is with sadness over her loss and pride in her accomplishments, that this edition is dedicated to the life and work of Shari Ben Natan. Shari died last year. She was an Israeli social worker, a passionate advocate for children and a good friend with a rare gift for living life to the fullest. In Shari’s honour, the edition begins with her research on the art of the children of Terezin and is followed by diverse articles on children during the Holocaust, child survivors, children of survivors and the importance of educating children about the Holocaust.

Your comments and feedback, as always, are appreciated. Also, if you have an article, some commentary, research or an opinion paper, we are looking for submissions for future editions.

Please note, if you live in commuting distance of Toronto or are thinking of visiting, there will be one day Conference for Adult Children of Holocaust survivors held at Baycrest in Toronto next October 29, 2006. Please contact me at this address if you would like further information.


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Paula David
Holocaust Resource Program
416-785-2500, ext. 2271