Holocaust Museum Houston Inducts New Board of Directors

HOUSTON, TX (July 10, 2006) – Holocaust Museum Houston has added 25 new members to its Board of Directors and Advisory Board to better represent the diversity of the Museum’s audiences and to increase participation of its corporate members.

The 2006-2007 Board of Directors was installed formally at the Museum’s annual meeting on Thursday, June 29, 2006.

“This year, we elected 25 new individuals who would reflect the diversity of our community as well as embody Holocaust Museum Houston’s mission as part of their own,” said Peter Berkowitz, chairman of the Museum’s Board of Directors. “Our new board includes people of the various races and nationalities represented in our community and people of many, many different faiths and backgrounds.”

Berkowitz said that change is reflective of the Museum’s commitment to increase educational programming that has already touched the lives of more than 2 million children around the globe and continues to impact more than 1,500 school children each school day.

“Our students, our visitors and our volunteers come from all walks of life, from all faiths and beliefs, from all income levels and from all of the world’s countries,” said Berkowitz. “It is imperative that our leadership – and our direction in the coming years – reflect that diversity.”

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to guide the Museum”s development, education and public outreach programming.

On its agenda for 2006-2007 will be expansion of the Museum’s law enforcement hate-crime training programs, expansion of Museum facilities to accommodate larger audiences and addition of programs and exhibits that reflect on and educate the public about other contemporary genocides.

The Museum’s Executive Committee for 2006-2007 includes: Berkowitz, chair; Walter Hecht, chair-elect; Martha Freedman, Sandy Lessig, Jeri Shapiro, Anna Steinberger, Ph.D., vice-chairs; Robby Shelton, treasurer; and Michael S. Morgan, secretary. Other members include R. Edwin Allday; David P. Bell, Ed.D.; Tali Blumrosen; Andrew Bursten; Michael S. Goldberg; Daniel P. Gordon; Velva G. Levine; Richard J. Loewenstern; Eric J. Pulaski; Joel Spira; J. Michael Treviño; Chaja Verveer; Benjamin S. Warren; Lea Weems; and Eileen D. Weisman.

Newly elected Board members include: Melissa Brunicardi; Margaret E. Carriere; the Hon. Anne Clutterbuck; Brenda J. DeVore; Nancy S. Dinerstein; Clyde Drexler; S. David Frankfort, Anne Graubart; Marvin Kaplan; the Hon. M.J. Khan, Mark Lee; Barry Lewis; Leo Linbeck III; Moez Mangalji; Rosanna Moreno; Eve Newar; Gary M. Olander; Joe Pogge; Jay Rogers; Stuart Schube; Marc Sharpe; the Hon. Susan S. Soussan; and Sergio G. Weitzman.

Other members include W. Andrew Achenbaum; Linda L. Addison; Bernard Aptaker; Hazel Bensky; the Hon. Michael Berry; Michael Bleyzer; Milton Boniuk, M.D.; Alice Lok Cahana; David A. Chaumette; Debra G. Cohen; Brian P. Cweren; Steven Finkelman; Nancy Freed; Andrew T. Gardener; David Goldstein; Alan Gover; Gail Klein; Lilly Lazarus; Barry Mandel; Gary Markowitz; Linda K. May; Soraya McClelland; Muriel Meicler, Ph.D.; Isabel Mermelstien; Amy J. Mifflin; William J. Morgan; Ruth Morris; Leon Mucasey; Mark Mucasey; Mary Munson-Murphy; Roy Nichol; Pepi Joskowitz Nichols; the Hon. Joseph M. Nixon; the Hon. Annise Parker; Cantor David Propis; Rabbi Joseph Radinsky; Eileen Reed; Cheryl W. Rubenstein; Marika Rudy; the Hon. Frank Rynd; David I. Saperstein; Lester Smith; Ruth Steinfeld; Rabbi Brian Strauss; John S. Thrash, M.D.; Ellen Trachtenberg; Haya Varon; Naomi Warren; Ben Waserman; Sandra G. Weiner; the Hon. Martha Wong; Ed Wulfe; the Hon. Fred S. Zeidman; and Joe Zuber.

New members of the Advisory Board for 2006-2007 include Donna Fujimoto Cole and the Hon. Sheila Jackson Lee. Other members are J. Murry Bowden; the Hon. Laurie Bricker; Linda G. Eisemann; Celina Fein; Carol Fisherman; Israel Fogiel; Mark Goldberg; Punkin Hecht; Glenda R. Kane; Walter Kase; Dr. Marcus Leuchter; Jo Ann Levine; Max Levit; Barry H. Margolis; Hans Mayer; Edith Mincberg; Ira Mitzner; Morris I. Penn; Gregg S. Philipson; Daniel B. Pickelner; Garland Debner Pohl; Gordon Quan; Bernard Rapoport; Regina J. Rogers; Benjamin Samuels; Mitzi M. Shure; and Marsha Wallace.