Lodz Ghetto

A History

Isaiah Trunk. Translated and edited by Robert Moses Shapiro. Introduction by Israel Gutman

In his comprehensive examination of the Lodz Ghetto, originally published in Yiddish in 1962, historian Isaiah Trunk sought to describe and explain the tragedy that befell the Jews imprisoned in the first major ghetto imposed by the Germans after they invaded Poland in 1939. £ód¼ had been home to nearly a quarter million Jews. When the Soviet military arrived in January 1945, they found 877 living Jews and the remains of a vast industrial enterprise that had employed masses of enslaved Jewish laborers. Based on an exhaustive study of primary sources in Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish, German, and Russian, Isaiah Trunk, a former resident of £ód¼, reconstructs the organization of the ghetto and discusses its provisioning; forced labor; diseases and mortality; crime and deportations; living conditions; political, social, and cultural life; and resistance. Included are translations of the 141 documents that Trunk reproduced in his volume.


Published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
560 pages, 41 b&w photos, 13 figs.

0-253-34755-6, cloth $35.00

Translator and editor Robert Moses Shapiro is assistant professor of East European Jewish studies, Holocaust studies and Yiddish in the Judaic Studies Department at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. He was born in postwar Germany to parents who survived the ghettos of Chrzanów and Sosnowiec in Poland, and the Nazi German camps at Auschwitz, Blechhammer, Flossenburg and Bergen-Belsen.