Cezanne is Missing by Frank Mc Millan

$14.95 Trade Paperback ISBN: 0-9711359-4-0 Publication Date: 2006

Set in post-9/11 New York, Cezanne Is Missing is the inspiring story of a 15 year old girl and boy who are shadowed by the Russian mafia as they strive to solve two kidnappings, the key to which lies in decoding an old European diary that tells of lost paintings by the masters smuggled during World War II. Their lives become interwoven with a former Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighter and her long lost comrade, a mythic-like Jewish warrior from the past, and these elderly survivors of the Holocaust inspire a street-smart, talented girl interested in nothing but boys and rock music (“history sort of bores meâ€?) and a boy, who knows nearly everything, to amazing acts of heroism. After a flashback to the darkest time of Nazi-occupied Europe, the action takes place against the backdrop of New York’s great museums, its main library branch, Grand Central Station and Central Park, and a features a frantic chase down 5th Avenue and more.

“An unforgettably beautiful book! With a facile pen and a caring heart, Mr. McMillan has created a masterpiece.”
– Gerda Weissmann Klein, Holocaust survivor, Author, Human Rights Activist
Academy Award Winner, Best Documentary Film, “One Survivor Remembersâ€?

“This book is the missing link in young readers’ Holocaust literature.* It allows students to see the spirit of those who fought back and to understand the lengths they went to in order to keep their humanity.”
— Suzanne Ransleben, English Teacher, 9th & 10th grades, CHS, Corpus Christi TX Creator of Holocaust Studies curriculum for schools adopted in eight states, 2004 Teacher of the Year Award Recipient / USA TODAY newspaper

“This is the book I wish I could have given my own son when he came of age to learn about the Holocaust. I completed my reading of Cezanne Is Missing with great appreciation and admiration for this inspiring work. I believe that this creative presentation of the Shoah will aid younger readers and adults as well, for it will provide them with a greater appreciation for the darkest time of human history….Frank McMillan’s Cezanne Is Missing is clearly a labor of love and the greatest reward for him will be the human love his story generates.” —
Rabbi William H. Lebeau Vice-Chancellor & Dean of Rabbinical School Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York City

Cezanne Is Missing by Frank McMillan will enlighten readers of all ages by its non-preachy message and its fast-paced plot. Unifying, inspiring and compassionate — this book builds a bridge of empathy and understanding between people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds.”
— The Very Reverend James P. Morton, Founder of The Interfaith Center of New York
and Dean Emeritus of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City

“Masterful! Cezanne Is Missing…captured the essence of the whole story of the Holocaust. The writing is subtle and beautiful, written in a way that young people will understand. An awesome and amazing book!”
— Ellen R. Fettner, Educator and Lecturer, Multicultural Studies and Holocaust Education
Winner of the 1998 Spirit of Anne Frank Award for Outstanding Educator, Anne Frank Center, USA

“A tour de force of the human spirit and creative empathy. Frank McMillan has written a profound and healing book. He obviously cares for his soul, ours and the world’s. It should be read by people of all ages, from teens on up.â€?
– Prof. David H. Rosen, M.D., Texas A&M University, author of
Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul Through Creativity

“We all know it is necessary for young generations to know about the Holocaust. But how? Frank McMillan has written a profoundly awakening book that should be read by young people everywhere. He has found another way to tell the story and it is brilliant. Cezanne Is Missing is deeply needed in our world today. I strongly recommend this book be on the reading lists of schools and libraries everywhere.”
— Anna Smulowitz, author of NEA-endorsed play Terezin: Children of the Holocaust performed at high schools throughout the country and abroad

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