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Memorial honors righteous Albanians
A New York Holocaust memorial added a marker honoring Albanians who saved Jews.

The Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn — which includes granite markers honoring Holocaust victims and righteous gentiles such as Raoul Wallenberg, residents of the French village of Chambon-sur-Lignon and the citizens of Denmark — added a section honoring citizens of Albania in April.

Most of Albania’s 2,000 Jews, along with escapees from other nations, survived the Holocaust. Travel journalist Jack Goldfarb, who has visited Albania often, noticed several years ago that the country was not mentioned in the memorial and worked to gather material to convince New York City bureaucrats to add the Balkan nation.

“In the New York area, where the largest Albanian-American community resides alongside the largest Jewish community in the USA, it’s imperative that Albania’s defiance of the Nazis and heroic rescue of all of its Jews be forever remembered,â€? Goldfarb said