My name is Ben Lesser and my wife’s name is Jean Lesser.

On June 17, 2006 our grandson Adam Gerber graduated from U.C. Davis. The whole West Coast family attended the graduation. Afterwards we celebrated a couple of days in Davis. Adam had made arrangements to tour Europe for a month after graduation and before he settles down to his new job in San Diego California with Hillel, at U. C. San Diego.

At the same time my oldest grand daughter, Robyn Kramer made arrangements to tour Italy, so Adam and Robyn decided to rendezvous in Krakow Poland on Tuesday July 11th. They were to meet at a certain restaurant at a specified time.

A few days later I received a call from Robyn asking me about certain places and addresses in Krakow, the place of my birth and where I grew up in my previous lifetime. While conversing with Robyn she happened to mention how nice it would be if I could also be there with them to show them around the area.

Jean and I had been in Krakow approximately 10 years ago and both of us decided never to return to this accursed land where the soil is soaked with innocent Jewish blood. In 1996 our last and only visit after the Holocaust was a most traumatic experience, which at that time I felt that I had to endure in order to have closure. However, I felt that if my grandchildren went out of their way to go to Krakow in order to find their roots, how could I possibly refuse that kind of an overture or request. That was the time when I decided to invite the whole family if they would like to join us on this rather impromptu trip to Poland AKA PILGRIMAGE. Robyn and I agreed to keep it as a surprise to Adam. I also invited my only sister, Lola. However, because of timing, health and circumstances not everyone could oblige me by accepting my invitation.