Martina Fegan is shown with Institute of Holocaust Studies Northwestern University founder Zev Weiss.

From the Greencastle-Antrim Echo Pilot

Martina Fegan, adjunct professor at Hagerstown Community College and teacher at Greencastle-Antrim High School, recently attended the Institute of Holocaust Studies at Northwestern University. Fegan was one of 25 “Fellows” selected and accepted into this year’s program which is sponsored by the Holocaust Educational Foundation. She was the only high school teacher accepted into the program.

Nine world renowned authors and scholars on the Holocaust served as instructor for the intensive two week program. Christopher Browning is the author of numerous histories on the Holocaust including, Ordinary Men, the history of police battalions who murdered tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Browning was also a witness in two famous trials of Holocaust deniers; the most notable was the recent Deborah Lipstadt/David Irving Trial in England. Professor James Young, author of numerous books on Holocaust Memorials is currently a consultant on the World Trade Center memorial and was active in the development of the recently unveiled Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany. John Roth, author of more than 20 articles and books on Holocaust related topics focused on the Ethics of the Holocaust. Gerhard Weinberg, translator and editor of the recently released sequel to Hitler’s Mein Kampf in addition to numerous histories of World War II was also a featured speaker