Survivor’s Play Bears Witness to the Holocaust


Published: August 10, 2006

When Zuzana Justman was 12 years old, she began keeping a tiny green leather diary, whose faded pages she has in recent years begun to translate into English. It documents her life as a prisoner in the Terezin concentration camp, near Prague, where she was sent with her family in 1943.

Richard Termine for the New York Times

Zuzana Justman, a Holocaust survivor, is producing her brother’s play.

Dixie Sheridan

Lisa Hugo as Lucy and Erik Singer as Norbert, lovers in “The Unlucky Man in the Yellow Cap,â€? about life in a concentration camp for Jews.

From there, her father was shipped off to his death in an Auschwitz gas chamber, while she, her 16-year-old brother and her mother managed to survive, though her brother contracted tuberculosis and polio.

“Almost everyone who has lived through the Holocaust feels an obligation to tell their story,’’ Ms. Justman said in an interview in her sunny Upper West Side apartment. “Now we are part of the last generation that lived through it,â€? she said, and she is determined to keep their voices vibrant