Averting a Second Holocaust
A Dialogue with Professor Emil L. Fackenheim.

W.B: In this Dialogue we turn to a world that is no more.  I recall the unforgettable words of the late and lamented Rabbi Milton Steinberg in his immortal address, When I Remember Seraiah: “There was piety in that world, and learning and reverence.  Bread might have been scarce, but not books.  It was a merciful world.  But you and I know that that world is no more.  Its old synagogues, where generations worshipped God, are in ruins.  The books it composed and treasured for which it dreamed and saved and scrimped, are all in ashes.  And even its cemetery, where my forefathers sleep, has also in many places been erased.  And so have its Jews, of whom there were six million–men, woman, and children, some saints and some sinners, some learned, some untutored, some wise and some not so wise, but all eager to live, all undeserving of the fate that overtook them.  They are gone.â€?  MORE.