‘I Feel Like I’m Back In Warsaw’
Michele Chabin – Israel Correspondent
The play’s the thing: Residents of the Ha’amakim assisted-living facility in Kiryat Bialik enjoy a performance by members of Yiddishpiel in their center’s bomb shelter. Photos by Michele ChabinKiryat Bialik, Israel — As bomb shelters go, the one in the basement of the Ha’amakim assisted-living facility is almost cheery.

Like clubhouses for retirees, the shelter’s thick concrete walls are filled with pictures of flowers and scenes from nature. The space is clean, large and air-conditioned, roomy and comfortable enough to accommodate the facility’s 164 elderly residents.

Even so, the well-dressed seniors seated on plastic chairs in anticipation of a performance by the Tel Aviv-based Yiddishpiel theater group — whose members have risked their lives to help distract the retirees for a couple of hours — find it difficult to forget that this is a shelter, and that several rockets launched by Hezbollah have rocked this formerly quiet town, a few miles north of Haifa.