Survivors of Holocaust find fellowship at seniors club

Bella Zaller (l.) and Edith Moses dance at a meeting of Club 2600, a Holocaust survivors group.
Elizabeth Rodh (l.) and Moses display the concentration-camp ID numbers tattooed on their arms.

Every month, a group of Brooklynites in their 70s and 80s gather at a Sheepshead Bay center to sing, dance, visit with each other and share a meal.They want to have fun and stay active, as do so many other Brooklyn seniors.

But many of the seniors at Club 2600 also want to forget. They are Holocaust survivors whose memories of concentration and work camps are still vivid more than 60 years later.

“I packed up the clothes people wore when they went to the crematorium in Birkenau,” one woman confided. “[The crematorium] worked day and night. I still have nightmares.