Survival story inspires book
(Posted Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2006)Bernice Eisenstein used her parent’s experience living in the Holocaust to write childhood memories
By Lorianna De Giorgio

OUT O THE SHADOWS: Bernice Eisenstein said she experienced a “rollercoaster” of emotions while writing about her parent’s survival of the Holocaust.

By unearthing her parents’ story of survival, author Bernice Eisenstein discovered her own true self.

“There is no centre to be found in memory, but each place holds its heartbeat,â€? wrote Eisenstein in her memoir, I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors.

Her heart holds a special, haunting memory, yet it isn’t her own. Instead, it’s of her parents’ experience during one of the darkest periods in history – the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was something she was always interested in and although her parents didn’t talk openly about it, Eisenstein knew it was time she delved into the subject after her father’s death in 1991.

“It was not like it was hidden,â€? the Bloor St. area author said about her childhood. “It was much harder for my father to speak (about the Holocaust). My mother was easier. She was able to.â€?