This might not be the newsiest or most surprising day around People Central. Madonna didn’t get in trouble. Mel Gibson isn’t talking. And rapper C-Murder is in trouble for … you guessed it.

So let’s start with Gibson, who turned down an offer to publicly apologize to Los Angeles Jews on holy day Yom Kippur for anti-Semitic comments he made last month, according to Rabbi David Baron invited the actor to speak with his Temple of the Arts congregation to prove he isn’t anti-Semitic. Gibson made anti-Jewish comments to a traffic cop during an arrest for suspicion of drunken driving in Malibu last month.

Baron told Web site he has since been contacted by Gibson’s publicist, who thanked him for his offer, but declined. “I was told Mr. Gibson is deeply involved in personal work, which includes rehab, therapy and counseling for alcoholism,” he said.

Don’t worry, rabbi. One of those 12 steps involves celebrities apologizing to the thousands upon thousands of people they don’t remember offending. He’ll come around.

Baron is still not willing to give up on the movie star, extending the offer to a later date. He’s also volunteered to join with a group of Jewish leaders dedicated to educate Gibson about the dangers of anti-Semitism.