from her publicist:

Suzan Hanala Stadner is a stand-up comedienne, former Los Angeles TV talk show host, fitness coach, and daughter of Holocaust survivors.  So when she says, “There were 12 million Jews in Europe before the Holocaust.  Hitler killed half.  That left 6 million feeling guilty.  And most of them had kids,â€? she grabs the audience’s attention and takes them along for the roller coaster ride that is her life.

In her new book, MY PARENTS WENT THROUGH THE HOLOCAUST AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT, Hanala shares, with humor and pathos, the angst and memories of growing up listening to stories about the Holocaust rather than Dr. Seuss.  As she says, “I didn’t know from The Cat in the Hat.  I heard about The Aunt in the Camp.â€?  She takes readers into her childhood home where her parents lived as though the Holocaust were still going on – screaming and waging war with one another – creating a world of guilt that Hanala had to survive.  Readers then follow her along the road to fame as host of Los Angeles’ #1 cable access television show, The Suzan Stadner Show.  In between, readers struggle with Hanala through drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and lots of bad relationships, and joyously celebrate her triumphs while reveling in her innate skill to be the ultimate survivor.

Hanala’s talks to Jewish groups educate, entertain, and tug at everybody’s heartstrings.  Children and grandchildren of survivors will find a kindred spirit in Hanala’s unique perspective and personal experiences, and the older generation will recognize their own story.