I was in Vladka’s 2001 Resistance class and subsequently became a Mandel
Fellow (2003).  I enclose some timely news that may be of interest to you
for the book pages of your Alumni publication.
For the past four years, I have been St. Louis-based Holocaust-survivor
Maria Szapszewicz’s editor.  Her book, FOR THE PEOPLE I LOVE AND CAN’T
FORGET, is finally in print, she’ll be at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival
in November.  Maria was in two ghettos (including the Lodz
Ghetto) and at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen (with her mother, both of whom
thankfully survived the ordeal).

To see the cover, read a synopsis, read sample pieces, etc.,
you might want to check out one or both of these websites:

jacobshousepress.com and

You can also find some information at Amazon.com (search “Szapszewicz”).

Poetry, memoir pieces, anecdotal tales, photos, several
essays  and a foreword by Whitney A. Harris
(Nuremburg prosecutor) are among the contents.
Bob Hutcheson (Resistance Study Trip 2001)