Los Angeles Children of Holocaust Survivors Group Demand Immediate UN Action to Secure Release of Kidnapped Israeli Soldiers
Hollywood, CA  90028 September 12 2006
Descendents of the Nazi Holocaust demand that Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, secure the immediate release of the IDF Israeli soldiers—Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev—who are still held hostage by Hamas and Hezbollah after being kidnapped over six weeks ago in an unprovoked attack on Israeli soil. Israel launched the defensive attack into Lebanon based on the kidnappings of Goldwasser and Regev, and it was a primary requirement in the UN negotiated cease fire, Security Council Resolution 1701, that they be unconditionally released.

As survivors, relatives and direct descendents of the Nazi Holocaust, they feel it is their moral duty to cry out for justice for the families of the soldiers who have had no word of the fate of their loved ones. Despite the ICRC’s mandate under Article 13 of the Geneva Conventions, they have failed miserably in their duty with respect to these soldiers although they have been successful for POWs in other conflicts. The UN claims they are involved in confidential and discreet actions to secure the soldiers’ release, while a Hizbullah official claims they have not received any such formal request from the UN. It is unfortunate that the words of Hezbollah ring more true than those of the United Nations.

The appalling lack of action by the UN and the ICRC is surpassed only by the thunderous silence of American Jewish organizations. The belief in “confidential and discreetâ€? actions did not work for the Jews in WWII or for Soviet Jewry. The response from the Soviet Union in releasing the Jews came only after there was a worldwide outcry. The same must be done for these soldiers. We can see clearly that the loud clamor of the terrorists and their supporters has advanced their cause and has succeeded in the alienation and abandonment of Israel. Jews can no longer afford to stand by idly.

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles are determined to take a proactive role in these difficult times. It is their mission to never forget that the world failed to cry out while Hitler perpetrated his evil acts and to never allow that to happen again. The plight of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers motivated the formation of this organization immediately after the kidnapping and outbreak of hostilities.

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