The Germans gave, Israel took

Exactly 54 years after Israel signed a reparations agreement with Germany, ‘The Children of Teheran’ are waging a battle against Israel

Ayelet Negev

Published: 09.12.06, 10:22

It is an emotional story of children who came to Israel by themselves and had to fight to make their way on their own. “All the years we have lived very hard lives, hand to mouth, and suddenly we find out that money had come for us that we have never seenâ€?, says Chaim Robinson (71) from Tel Aviv. “We feel cheated. The state was supposed to be our mother and father, but we were young and orphaned, and they took advantage of usâ€?. Robinson, together with 272 other people, all in their 70’s and 80’s, are suing the state to pay them their portion of the reparations agreement signed by Israel and Germany. All the plaintiffs were born in Poland and, after the war began, wandered for three and a half years as refugee children in Europe.