Hi, my name is Eric Sterling, and my mother and grandparents were Holocaust survivors from Germany.  My grandfather was interned in Buchenwald.  I have edited and published a book in which Holocaust survivors (such as the late Charlotte Opfermann) from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Shanghai, and Czechoslovakia tell their moving and poignant true stories.   These are truly powerful and amazing accounts.  There are additional chapters from Holocaust scholars such as Michael Berenbaum, Stephen Feinstein, and John K. Roth.  I’ve been reading the messages here for more than a year, and I decided that people might be interested in this book.  The book is called _Life in the Ghettos During the Holocaust_.   I list the table of contents below. Thank you very much.

Eric Sterling


Life in the Ghettos during the Holocaust
by Eric J. Sterling (Editor), John K. Roth (Foreword by)

* Paperback
* ISBN: 0815608039
* Pub. Date: May 2005
* Series: Religion, Theology, History, and the Holocaust
* Format: Paperback, 356pp
* Publisher: Syracuse University Press

Table of Contents
Foreword : how to live in the interim?
1    Piotrkow Trybunalski : my ancestral home    1
2 Some clarifications on the Warsaw ghetto uprising : based on interviews with Marek Edelman and Simcha Rotem    17
3    Beware of answered prayers : ghetto-concentration camp Theresienstadt/Terezin    26
4    Autobiographical notes    35
5    Historical position of the Hungarian Jewry and untold ghetto accounts    43
6    An American in Poland : eyewitness to the Holocaust    66
7    The Hongkew ghetto in Shanghai : from Escape to Shanghai    70
8    Smuggling in the ghettos : survivor accounts from the Warsaw, Lodz, and Krakow ghettos    84
9    Facilitating genocide : Nazi ghettoization practices in occupied Ukraine, 1941-1942    120
10    Multiple and changing experiences of ghettoization : Budapest, 1944    145
11    Death and ghetto death    160
12    Attitudes toward death during the Holocaust : writings from the ghettos    177
13    Art and imagery of the ghetto – during and after the Holocaust    191
14    The Jewish resistance movements in the ghettos of Eastern Europe : reflections on the relationships of force    220
15    “Theater in a graveyard” : the ghetto theater in Vilna    258
16    Inside the ghetto : a teaching strategy    274