Ahmadinejad must be taken seriously

Kofi Annan has been snubbed by Iranian President Ahmadinejad over Iran’s nuclear enrichment program and his refusal to stop fomenting hate and anti-Semitism as exhibited by the recently opened Holocaust cartoon exhibit.

While I am not a fan of Kofi Annan, at least he caused the United Nations, after almost 55 years of silence, to recognize that the Holocaust did happen and had as its main ideology the extermination of Jews.

The second annual U.N. Holocaust Commemoration event is Jan. 27, 2007, the day the combination concentration and death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Allied forces.

I must give Annan credit for stating that the Holocaust “is an undeniable historical fact.”

I must also ask this question of the Muslims who were so outraged last year over the Danish cartoons picturing Muhammad in an unflattering way: Where are the outrage and the riots over the Holocaust cartoon exhibit by you?

Why are the mullahs and imans, especially those here in the United States, who proclaim Islam a religion of tolerance and peace, accepting this cartoon exhibit? Is it because too much funding comes from Iran for your mosques?

If you want to see how a peaceful religion acts, then look to the Jews of America, Europe and Israel. We are not rioting in the streets and tossing out threats of death and destruction for all involved in the Holocaust cartoon travesty.

Our rabbis and sages are not calling for the destruction of a people, and the Israelis are bending over backward to accommodate Arabs and Muslims in Israel, even securing voting rights for them and allowing their political parties seats in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.

Do I think the survivors of the Holocaust, the second generation and Jews in general have a right to be upset over Iran’s call for the destruction of the Jewish people? Yes. Do we need to take it seriously? Just look at what happened when the ravings of a madman named Hitler were not taken seriously 70 years ago. Those ravings led to the Holocaust, while the world remained silent.

Ahmadinejad is aware of historical precedents. He knows that the majority of Christians, Muslims and enlightened peoples of the world will not come to the defense of Jews and Israel. Only a strong Jewish people and state of Israel will protect worldwide Jewry.

The Vatican is strangely silent, once again, on the issue of the destruction of the Jews and the Holocaust as put forth by Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad knows that no one will defend us, the Jews, and if he can convince the world at large that the Holocaust never happened he will be on the way to creating a new Holocaust of which Jews will once again be the main intended victims.

For all of those out there who think that the threats of extermination are not intended for them, just read the poem by Pastor Niemoeller, “First they came for …” The reader should fill in the blanks as to who will be targeted.