My father, Ungar Mor Miklos, was born in 1892 in Ujpest, Hungary.

He was taken away by the Hungarian Nazis (Nyilas) from our apartment at Alpar ucca 6, in Budapest on October 20, 1944. I was in labor camp already since April 17, 1944
My mother received two postcards from my father while marching toward
Austria (he sent a postcard to my mother from near Szony/Gyor, asking for protection papers, which she couldn’t obtain).
One man escaped from the group and he told me after the war that he last saw my father on November 29, 1944 at
Nagycenk (?), near the Austrian Border.
That was the last news about him; we know nothing further about him after that date.
Is there an organization, or agency in Germany/Hungary/UN, etc., where I possibly could get any information to find out what happened to him, or where they took him?
Any information about him, or about the other Jews in this transport would be greatly appreciated.

My name was Ungar Gyorgy (now George Kennedy) and I came to the USA in 1947.

Thank you for your help