Anything you can do would be appreciated more than words can ever convey.
Mother:  Ilse (Sarah)* Liese Trzeciak nee Salomon   birthdate April, 19, 1909. February 12; 1943 from Darmstadt to Theresienstadt on Transport # XVII/2-47.  October 1, 1944 from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on Transport # EM-1447

Brother, Peter (Israel)* Trzeciak -Salomon   birthdate April 10, 1939

Transported at the same time with #s XVII/2-48 and EM-1448 respectively.

*Names given by Nazis
The above information was found by the
Czechoslovakian Red Cross and given to the American Red Cross a few years back. 

These are the only things I know.  I called the Red Cross in Chicago when the archives supposedly were opened this year.  I was told it could be years before anyone would get any information.  At my age, that is an eternity.
Edith Rogers