Jozsef  Tulogdi from Cluj/Kolozsvar (Romania) has been searching over the past decade for a family friend, Dora Klein.  She was deported in May 1944 by the Hungarian authorities from Kolozsvar. 
Her last residence was on Fejedelem St. 16 (today Dobrogeanu Gherea St.). 
At the time of her deportation to Auschwitz she might have been aged 27-28.
Mr. Tulogdy published a replica of an old postcard of the Martyr’s Synagogue of Kolozsvar, printing on its back side “In memoriam Klein Dora”.  Over 1000 copies have been released.
Should anyone know about Dora Klein’s fate or whereabouts, is kindly asked to disclose any information that may help tracing her.
Daniel Lowy, Ph.D.