my great grandfather was Solomon Alexander Epstein but I believe he was known to many as Samek.  My grandmother told me he was the headmaster of a Jewish school in Lodz.  I don’t know if there was more than one.

 His wife was Clara Rachela Epstein (nee Nagler) and she was a pianist who I believe taught students to play.

 My Great Aunt (and Clara and Solomon’s youngest daughter) was Natalia Epstein, known as Tala to family and perhaps to friends as well.  She was born in 1921, making her 18 years old when the war broke out.

 My Nana was Jozefa Epstein, known as Jo and she was born in 1922, making her 17 years old when the war broke out. 

 In addition, I would also be interested to hear from anyone who was familiar with any of my grandfather’s family.  My grandfather was Adolf Abraham Lurie, known as Dolic to family and perhaps friends (he certainly dropped the Adolf after the war for obvious reasons). 

I believe he was originally from Lwow/Lemberg/Lviv and certainly after my grandparents married in about 1938 they lived there until the war started. 

He had a brother Miron Lurie and also a brother Henri Lurie. I know that Henri survived the war in Paris where he had gone to study prior to the war. Henri was married to Regina and had 3 children – Solange, Arlette and Jean-Claude.  Miron died during the war but I am not sure how.

 If any of this rings any bells with anyone I would be most grateful to hear from you.