I am searching for clues as to the fate of my grandfather’s brother, Leybisch BURG, as well as the fate of his wife and son, believed to have been living in Zloczow, Galicia (now Zolochiv, Ukraine) during WWII.  We have assumed they were murdered during one of the Nazi “akzions” in that region, but we do now know for sure.  All contact was lost during the war.

Here is what I do know about my granduncle:
Yehudah Arieh (Leybisch) Burg, son of Menachem “Nuchym” Burg  and Rifka “Riwcze” Klein
Born:   25 Nov 1898,
Sassow, Galicia (now Sasiv, Ukraine)–near Zloczow.
Occupation: possibly banker or accountant or bookkeeper
Wife’s name:
Son’s name: unknown, born circa 1933.
Any leads would be appreciated.
Brian Neil Burg