Darby asks to replace Baxley

By Jamie Kizzire
Montgomery Advertiser

A former Democratic candidate for attorney general, who denies the Holocaust, is asking Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley to step aside as the party’s nominee for governor so he can take her place, something the party’s executive director said won’t happen.

Larry Darby made the request in a letter delivered Monday to state party leadership where he describes himself as “a viable candidate to lead the party to victory in November.” The letter, which was obtained by the Montgomery Advertiser, goes on to say Baxley does not have “a discernable or meaningful platform.”

Baxley and her campaign declined to comment for this story.

But Jim Spearman, executive director of the state Democratic party, said the party is staying with Baxley as their nominee to challenge Republican incumbent Gov. Bob Riley in the Nov. 7 general election.

“I’m not surprised that is his (Darby) response,” Spearman said Tuesday. The party’s executive committee passed a resolution in August that said Darby was not welcome in the party.

“We fully stand behind Lucy Baxley,” Spearman said.

Spearman said Darby “had his chance before the public and was defeated” in the June 6 primary for attorney general. Darby lost to Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson Jr., but garnered 163, 067 votes despite media coverage of his denial of the Holocaust.

Darby said his views on the Holocaust, which he said were not part of his campaign, overshadowed his platform.

He said most Alabamians support his platform because it’s strong on state’s rights.

“I am a viable candidate,” Darby said, adding the idea of replacing Baxley as the nominee came to him over the weekend as he considered the fate of the party.

“I have a message that resonated,” he said.

Darby’s letter also includes a pledge to “immediately return Alabama servicemen from duty stations outside Alabama” and possibly create a state militia in place of the Alabama National Guard.