PARIS (EJP)— Retired literature professor Robert Faurisson has been convicted for Holocaust denial by a Paris court on Tuesday over remarks he made on Iranian television.

Faurisson, 77, well known for his revisionist views, was given a three month suspended prison term and also fined 7,500 euros.

Speaking on the Sahar 1 Iranian satellite channel in February 2005, Faurisson said “there was neverâ€? a single execution gas chamber under the Germans…. So all those millions of tourists who visit Auschwitz are seeing a lie, a falsification.â€?

Faurisson was found guilty of “complicity in contesting the existence of a crime against humanity.â€?

It is the fifth time that Faurisson is condemned for the same offence.

Patrick Gaubert, president of LICRA, the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, welcomed the court decision. “This gives proof that he says lies.But I am not satisfied with the three months suspended prison term as he is a recidivist,â€? he added.