1.  My natural mother’s name was Rosa Pollak, sometimes spelled Polak. She sometimes indicated her first name as Rosi; on some documents it is spelled Rozsi. According to most of the documents, her date of birth was February 15, 1924, although one document gives it as February 24, 1924. 
2.  She claimed Romanian nationality; coming from Orosken, sometimes spelled Oroszko. According to recent research we believe that Rosa was the youngest of four children.
3.  According to documentation provided by Rosa, she married Shaier Pollak, a shoemaker, on June 7, 1945 in Orosken.
4.  She claims that he died in October of 1945 in Landsberg DP Camp. She only gave his birth year, that being 1923. I believe, according to what I know of the period, that it is possible that Shaier and Rosa were being helped by the Brichah to head to Palestine.
5.  According to documents I have Rosa was in the following DP camps: Landsberg and Buchberg. It is believed that she was also in St. Ottilien, although she may have been simply residing in the town.
6.  According to documentation, she was sent to Munich where I was born and given the name Meier after her father. Her mother’s name was Regina. They were apparently both deceased by the end of the war.
7.   Rosa and I were discharged from the Frauenklinik on July 9, 1946For some reason we went shortly to Heckscher Klinik (UNRRA Children’s Hospital) in Munich.
8.   For some reason we were separated at this klinik as of July 14, 1946. It is possible that I may have become ill again and/or she wanted to make the trip to Palestine and could not take a newborn with her. 
9.   I was taken from the Heckscher Klinik to the Schwabing Altersheim DP hospital.
On September 6, 1946 I was sent to the UNRRA children’s camp at Chiemsee.
10.  As of November 20, 1947 I was being sent by air to the United States for possible adoption. 
11.  I was adopted in 1950 by Dr. Joseph Factor and his wife, Bernice and given the name Sol Avram Factor. Both parents are now deceased.


As you can see this is a rather unusual set of circumstances. I would appreciate any assistant that you can provide.


Please understand the following:


Should you, in fact, be able to locate Rosa and to make contact with her, please assure her that I am not bitter towards her. I totally understand the possible situation that she found herself in.
I will only make contact with her if she wants to do so.
Thank you for all of your help!




Sol A. Factor