Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles is currently engaged in bringing awareness to the public about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, now missing for over three months after being abducted by Hamas and Hezbollah. As part of that effort, this organization has created bumper and window stickers, available on their website, in English, Hebrew and Arabic, calling for the release of the Israeli Soldiers, Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. Doris Wise Montrose, Acting President, said, “People who support Israel and the free world must be more visible in letting the world know about the plight of these soldiers. Pressure must be brought to bear on the responsible governments and world organizations, namely the United Nations, to secure the immediate release of the three Israeli soldiers.â€?

The kidnappings were the primary cause for Israel to take action in Lebanon, and the release of the soldiers still remains a main tenet of the U.N. negotiated cease fire. This fact seems to have been forgotten by the media and those who continue to work against the best interests of Israel and subvert the policy of the United States in the Middle East. The debate has now degenerated into a prisoner exchange program, which was not part of the wording in U.N. Resolution 1701, no matter how one might try and read between the lines.

With the abiding task of making the Israeli and Jewish cause visible to the world, and keeping in mind the watchwords of not letting history repeat itself, CJHSLA has created a simple and strong message that can be viewed by citizens going about their daily business on the roads of this great nation. “Never againâ€? is the motto of Jews all over the world, and yet many, including those who claim to love Israel, seem to fall by the wayside when the heavy lifting needs to be done.

This organization hopes that those who display the bumper stickers will embolden other supporters to speak out and demonstrate the great concern shared by many people about the plight of the Israeli soldiers and, ultimately, the fate of Israel and all it stands for in a divided and dangerous Middle East.

Available in English, Hebrew and Arabic for the nominal cost of $4.00, these stickers can be purchased at
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