compiled by Serena Woolrich, president, allgenerations, searches editor for together. Respond

My name is Elizabeth Ungar, nee Lefkovits and I am searching for my younger sister Ilona Ungar, daughter of Ignacz Ungar Lager & Hermina Rothman also sister of Edith Ungar, nee Hofman coming from Foldes, the state of Haydu in the Southeast of Hungary.

Ilona was 15 years old when she was deported to Auschwitz in June 1944. I was deported in July 1944 to Auschwitz and was able to find her and reunite with her in Lager C,  Barrack 8. In October 1944, when the crematoriums in Auschwitz were destroyed, I was separated from Ilona and never saw her again.

If you were at Auschwitz during this period and have any information on what happened to the people left behind after the destruction of the crematoriums, please contact me via my grandson David Lefkovits (404) 509-3284,