Wednesday October 11, 9:29 am ET

Spell Your Name, a Collaboration Between the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation

LOS ANGELES and KIEV, Ukraine, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk will host the premiere of Spell Your Name, a film by director Sergey Bukovsky on the Holocaust in Ukraine, on October 18th in Kiev.

The premiere will mark Mr. Spielberg’s first trip to one of the countries of the former Soviet Union, and to the country of his family’s origin. In addition to the Holocaust survivors featured in the documentary, political, cultural, and leaders of the Jewish community will attend the event, which will be held at the International Center of Culture and Arts (the former Zhovtnevyi Palace) in central Kiev.

The film, produced by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education with support from Mr. Pinchuk, takes viewers on a journey of discovery, as Mr. Bukovsky and three Ukrainian journalism students absorb the testimony of Jewish survivors who escaped brutal execution and those who rescued friends and neighbors during the Holocaust. The men and women featured in the film share the details of their experiences in Ukrainian and Russian.

“To prepare for the film, we viewed nearly 500 testimonies at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute in Los Angeles. As I watched, I could imagine making a film from every single one,” said the film’s director, Mr. Bukovsky.

Mr. Spielberg, who established the Shoah Foundation in 1994, is co- executive producer of Spell Your Name, with Mr. Pinchuk. Mr. Pinchuk first discussed his idea for a film on the Holocaust in Ukraine with Mr. Spielberg in 2004.

“The stories and experiences of survivors in Ukraine need to be seen and heard by the people of the world, who may not know what happened in Ukraine during the Holocaust,” Mr. Spielberg said. “Sergey’s work is compelling art, and it beautifully conveys the emotions experienced by the students who took this journey of discovery.”

“My appreciation and gratitude also go to my friend Victor Pinchuk, whose generous support and commitment to making a film on this subject made it possible for the USC Shoah Foundation Institute to make Spell Your Name,” he added.

“It is essential that we learn the lessons of history, and the testimonies gathered by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute that you will see in this film are the most compelling teachers for Ukraine and all the world,” Mr. Pinchuk said. “It was a pleasure for me to work with the master of modern cinema, Steven Spielberg. Together we were able to help the Institute and Sergey Bukovsky shed light on one of the darkest pages of Ukraine’s history.”

“Raising issues of tolerance is timely everywhere, and especially so as we commemorate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the massacre at Babi Yar,” said historian Douglas Greenberg, Executive Director of the Institute. “Spell Your Name teaches us all about some of the darkest moments in human history; we hope and expect that it will not only provide education about the past, but start a dialogue about the future as well.”

Completion of a teacher’s guide to accompany the film will occur in early 2007 as part of a broader educational program being developed by the Institute in conjunction with the Pinchuk Foundation.