Brianne Lewin’s zaida was Jakob Lewin, a survivor of Losice, Poland. Efforts are underway to create a Holocaust memorial at the original site of the Jewish cemetery there using approximately 1500 matzevot recovered in 2003. This project is being directed by Dr. Norman Weinberg’s organization – Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project – along with other survivors and their children.
Viktor Lewin.

Our Sanctuary

Bird songs greet the visitor

who emerges with the spirit,

accosts the hollow sound

of people of the past.

No company in decades,

mindful of the weeds

that twist around the memory,

and creep around the trees.

A secret place, inhabited

too long vacant to the eye,

where sorrow and laughter resonates

with vibrations of their lives.

A gust within the pleasant air

is breath that still remains.

The whispered voice of multitudes

calling out their names.

Layers upon layers

of time’s declining hour,

yet broken stones and broken lives

reconnect with honour.

Written by Brianne Lewin.