From Luis Saul Blumenthal, a 2g in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

compiled by Serena Woolrich, president, allgenerations, searches editor for together. Respond

My name is Luis Blumental. I was born in Argentina and I´m old 53 years.

My mother was RAJA BUKSTELSKA, and she came from Europe after the end of the war from Italy were she lived for three years.She was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the family had a bakery there. Her father Scholem, her mother Sarah Kagan (or Kogan) and her brother, were killed by the Nazis during the war.

I went to Israel in 1986 and visited her cousin (maybe they have died) Sheike and Frida Bukstelski, but I don´t have any news today from the family. If you have some information about the Bukstelski family, please kindly, let me know.

Luis Saul Blumental

Buenos Aires, Argentina