compiled by Serena Woolrich, president, allgenerations, searches editor for together. Respond

These are the details I have on my mother’s lost siblings and perhaps you can help. Her lost brother was CHAIM LANCMAN (about 7/8 years old when last seen) and her lost sister was FRYMA LANCMAN (was about 16 years old when last seen.)

The parents name were SZLOMO and CHASJI (Hasha) LANCMAN.
my mother’s family was from Sarnaki, Poland (which is on the border between Russia & Poland).

Shortly after the war broke out, her family was taken by the Soviets from Sarnaki, Poland to a Soviet Labor Camp in the city ARKHANGELSK. There they stayed for about 18 months (sometime in or near 1941). They headed for KARSOVKA (?) On the way, the train stopped in VOLOGDA (Russia). Her brother got off the train to look for food and so did her sister. They were supposed to meet up at the next train stop, but they never did.

In 1943/1944, my mother’s family learned that CHAIM LANCMAN may have been in a child orphange in or near CHIBELISK, but I don’t know how valid this is. I have a record from the Polish International Tracing Service that in 1949, her brother CHAIM LANSMAN initiated a search for his family in the US or Argentina.

The email I rec’d stated the following:   “We do have also information from International Tracing Service Child Search Branch, from 1949, that Chaim LANCMAN 15 years old s. Chany was searching for his family living in United State and Argentine. But on account of lack of personal details we are not sure if this information concerns the sought person.”

After the war, distant relatives said that FRYMA LANCMAN was in BITOME, POLAND trying to find her family. When my mother’s family went to BITOME, she was no where to be found. There were also rumors that she was in UZBEKISTAN.

Please help advise me on how to search for him in Argentina? We are certain that her brother survived the war…and that if he didn’t die for other reasons, that he’s alive!!!


My father’s siblings may have been in a Lodz Ghetto orphanage – Could you contact the Survivors from the Lodz Ghetto orphanages to see if they recall any MIEDZINSKIs or if they recall the boy in the photo, my father’s brother,  Boroch Jeszyja Miedizinski. boroch jeszyja miedizinski  b1931 Lodz Ghetto Photo