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My husband’s father by the name of Adolf Weisz was last heard from a labor camp in Beregszasz, Hungary in 1944.

Also my husband’s brother, Miklos Weisz’s last whereabouts was in a brick factory in Budapest, in 1944. Although the family received a post card from his brother, supposedly from Auschwitz, they never really knew where he perished.

Also, my friend’s name is Szekely Ibolya, we were in the same class in elementary school, in Budapest (she is not Jewish. I hope this is not a problem).The school was located in Szentkiralyi utca. That building has been torn down.

I lost touch with her after finishing the 8th grade, in 1954. We left Hungary in 1956.She used to live on Rakoczi ut. She lived there with her mother and step-father. Her cousin’s name was Foti Erika and she was in a class one or two years ahead of us.

My name at that time was, Szabolcsi Eva. Of course if anybody could give any light on their fate our family would be most appreciative.