compiled by Serena Woolrich, president, allgenerations, searches editor for together. Respond

I am Pola Zylber, a Holocaust survivor. I live in Argentina and am searching for my sister, who I believe is alive. We were born in Svolen, Poland – I in 1928.

My parents were Abram Zylber and Rebeka Zalcman, my sisters Rosa, Sesha and Sara(born in 1931).

I am sure Sara is still alive because at the Radom concentration camp she was looked after by a policeman called Paul Grynwald, also known as Pavelek, in Block #2.

This man went to live in Miami, Florida. I have been unable to locate him. He must know something about my sister.

I appreciate anything you can do to help me locate her

Pola Zylber Bichman

Buenos Aires, Argentina