compiled by Serena Woolrich, president, allgenerations, searches editor for together. Respond

Searching for Etkin, Kabakov / Kabakoff, Kaminsky, Hodosh families, descendants, whose origin is from Glubokie and Dokshitzy in Belarus.

Most of them were in the Glubokie ghetto, which was burned and totally destroyed on August 20th, 1943. My father,  Michael Etkin, succeeded to escape from the ghetto on this date, at the age of 11.   He Joined the Partisans in the forests and survived.

His mother, Chava (Eva) Kaminsky (Kaminska) was a Jewish Partisan in the forests near Glubokie and Dokshitzy in Belarus.   She served as a nurse. Her troop was captured by the Nazis and they were hanged.

My father had a twin-brother, Chaim-Shepse, who was in the ghetto with him.   As far as my father remembers, his brother did not run and try to escape from the ghetto. So we assume that he died there on August 20th, 1943. But maybe he did run and escaped from the ghetto, and lives now somwhere in the world……    –  He should be 74 years old.