Spielberg calls home for poignant premiere
From Tony Halpin in Kiev

HIS films have brought home the horror of the Holocaust to millions. Yesterday Steven Spielberg came home to Ukraine to launch a film about survivors of the Holocaust in his ancestral homeland.

The Hollywood director’s grandparents all came to the United States from Ukraine, but Spielberg had not visited the country before last night’s premiere of the documentary Spell Your Name, by the Ukrainian director Sergei Bukovsky.

Spielberg told The Times that he feared that the “epidemicâ€? of racism would lead the world into a new era to match the mass slaughters of the 20th century.

“Hatred comes from fear and we have experienced a century of fear and I fear that we are going into another century of heightened fear,â€? he said.

“Until we get to the bottom of what makes people so afraid of the differences in others, and what we look like, we are going to experience an even greater century of fear.â€?