French L’Est Republican refuses to publish memorial notice of a French Jew, a Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz death camp

Sefi Hendler Published: 10.24.06, 11:34

Paris – It appears that there are still some people who refuse to recognize that the dark era of cooperation between the French and the Nazis is over.

A scandal broke in France in recent days when a newspaper in the east of the country refused to publish a notice in memory of a French Jew, a Holocaust survivor of the Auschwitz death camps.

Fred Wolfson died in 1966, at 43 years of age. On the 40th anniversary of his death his family asked to publish a notice in his memory stating that “He passing was due to complications caused by the barbaric Nazis.”

The important newspaper, L’Est Republican refused to publish the notice stating that they refrain from publishing notices that entail “political or ideological content.” Instead of the original text, the newspaper suggested writing “the trauma of the death camps.”

The family contacted several Jewish organizations and human rights institutions who granted assistance. The institutions stated that “Nazi barbarism is a reality recognized by the International Court for Nazi war crimes in Nuremburg.”

The so called “politically oriented” notice has not been published thus far.