Nations United: How The UN Undermines Israel and the West by Alex Grobman
(Green Forest, Arkansas: Balfour Books 2006), 208 p. US$19.99 CAN$22.99

Grobman’s work is both invaluable and definitive. His excellent
research, clear writing style, and use of photos make the work easy to
follow. His argument is balanced and therefore forceful. The United
Nations is the largest Naked Emperor of our time. It is a union of
dictatorships against democracies, an institution in which mediocrity
and bureaucracy triumph over genius and creativity, and where issues
are not diplomatically resolved but rather fomented and allowed to

I recognize Grobman’s United Nations because once I worked there. Human
rights violations of every kind are allowed to flourish under its aegis,
both at Turtle Bay and in the world at large. The UN has proved
ineffective in every single area including that of genocide and
preventable disease–save one. Its single (diabolical) accomplishment
has been in legalizing and internationalizing Jew hatred. Grobman makes
this very clear.

This work is an essential weapon in the cultural war against propaganda
and Big Lies that currently dominate university life in the West.

Phyliss Chesler, Ph.D.
Author, The New Anti-Semitism and The Death of Feminism”