Creator of Famed “I♥NY” Logo Designs 10th Anniversary
Commemorative for Holocaust Museum Houston

HOUSTON, TX (Oct. 31, 2006) – An original poster design by one of the most high-profile graphic designers in the world has been commissioned by Holocaust Museum Houston to help !!!!!?????celebrate?????!!!!! its 10th anniversary year of teaching the dangers of hatred, prejudice and apathy.

The signed original of the large-format, limited-edition poster by New York designer Milton Glaser, creator of the famed “I♥NY” logo design that has become a pop culture icon since its inception to promote New York City in 1977, will be placed in the Museum’s permanent collection.

Copies of the poster will be sold in the Museum’s bookstore in both signed and unsigned formats and used in development campaigns to help raise funds to continue the Museum’s mission of combating hatred, prejudice and apathy using the lessons of the Holocaust and other contemporary genocides, said Susan Myers, the Museum’s executive director.

Signed copies on 100-pound Mohawk Superfine paper are available for $200, but only 100 copies signed by Glaser are available. Unsigned copies on 80-pound stock are available for $25, while supplies last. Posters can be obtained at the Museum bookstore or ordered online at

The 24- by 36-inch design features a candle of hope in soft colors that visually emerges from behind a checkerboard of pastel color blocks. In soft reddish-brown hues, it includes text from Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

Glaser called the design “one of the most complex and difficult assignments I’ve ever had and ended up taking almost a year of intermittent work to complete,” but he said he was “very happy with the finished product.”