Surviving the Challenges of Life with a Strong Spirit
New Book tells memoir of a Dutch woman who struggled
for her children’s lives & future

Jacksonville, FL – (September 28, 2006) – A struggle to first survive the Holocaust and then, after World War II, find peace and harmony in life, is a common paradoxical dilemma among those who escaped the clutches of the Nazis’ firm grasp. But enter the strong determined Carla Nathans Schipper who survived by hiding herself and her children from certain death. This is the amazing true story of survival, life, and family presented by author Stacey Goldring with her new novel On Wooden Wheels: The Memoir of Carla Nathans Schipper.

The book brings to readers the true story of Carla Nathans Schipper, a Dutch woman who was raised with moral values, deep Jewish religious beliefs and with the philosophy of accepting the many challenges of life. As destruction ravaged Europe during World War II, Schipper desperately struggled to survive, hiding herself and her two young daughters in the Dutch countryside After the war ended, Schipper and her children had to endure the painful process of reconstructing their fragmented lives.

After remarrying, the family left Holland for America where another journey of survival began. Refusing to institutionalize her son who was born with Down syndrome, Schipper ascended ignorance and bias in pursuit of the finest education and life for her child. When all doors of opportunity seemed to close on her son, she opened others and created even more, always determined to find the best available education for her child while maintaining all the high standards she kept in her mind, heart, and soul.

Through all Schipper’s life experiences, her remarkably firm spirit never falters.

Because of its historical setting, vibrant life story and affirming moral outlook, On Wooden Wheels has universal appeal, attractive to an extremely wide range of readers, including educators, historians, religious leaders, politicians, and people of all spiritual backgrounds. From a moral point of view, Carla Nathans Schipper is the real life symbol of morality, survival and family who stopped at nothing to make the future brighter for her children. On Wooden Wheels: The Memoir of Carla Nathans Schipper is undoubtedly the most inspiring and the most triumphant book about the human spirit.

About the Author
Stacey Goldring is a writer living in Jacksonville, Florida. This is her first book.

On Wooden Wheels * by Stacey Goldring
The Memoir of Carla Nathans Schipper
Publication Date: November 28, 2005
Trade Paperback; $21.99; 252 pages; 1-4134-9711-X * Cloth Hardback; $31.99; 252 pages; 1-4134-9712-8