My grandfather, Nathan Proskauer, ran a business and had a home in Oppeln (Opole, Poland now) before he was taken away and murdered at Sachsenhausen on August 15, 1941. My father, Hermann Proskauer was sent to Terezin or Theresienstadt. He survived because he was one of the few prisoners to escape the horrific bombings of the Cap Arcona and other ships off the coast of Neustadt in May, 1945. I do not know if he was a prisoner at Neuengamme but I suspect he was.
I am always trying to find out any information about what happened to him during his imprisonment and exactly where he was kept. I also hope to locate a close family friend, Fred Levine, whose last place of residence was in or near Los Angeles, California. He may have returned to Germany a few years ago.
My father died in April, 1996. I am his daughter, Susan, and am willing to help you in any way possible. Please let me know what information you need.
Thank you.
Susan Proskauer Brubaker