Subject: Searching for Child survivors in DP camps in Germany

A friend of mine who was a hidden child in Holland told me about your
organization/website. We have been members of the same shul here in Phila.
for the last 18 years and call ourselves Mishpocha or “little sisters”.

I am trying to find any older children who had been either hidden or were
Holocaust survivors and who were in DP camps in Germany after the war. I am
hoping to locate someone who would have been old enough to remember my
family or at least events related to them. I was born after the war as a
but my identity was hidden by a Gentile cousin here in the USA.

After my parents died in Germany in DP camps, I was brought to America by a
Gentile cousin who gave me a new name and religion. It was verboten
(forbidden) to mention anything Jewish or any of my childhood memories from
Germany. She was a violent person and I feared for my life. However before
she died, she did give me some clues as to my Russian Jewish mother (from
Galicia), German father (had gentile ancestry), and brothers
(half-brothers). She wasn’t clear but it seems that my mother may have
divorced my father and remarried: thus the half-brothers. One was run over
and killed and the other was also taken away and given a Gentile identity.
have a few precious memories but they are like little pictures: glow of the
Shabbos candles and the Hannukiah menorah, seeing the dark sky and stars
through the roof branches of the succah, being held with a tallis over my
head by the old men (probably just looked old to a little child), being
called me the “zlota dytyna”, and, speaking some Yiddish on arrival in the
the USA.

What I do remember may help someone remember my family if they were in the
same DP camp or city in Germany when the following happened:

One brother was run over and killed. I remember the funeral. This may have
happened in Hanau

I was in a town with a carousel (this might also have been in Hanau).

Koblenz: I was born there and remember the castle on the hill and the
V-shaped island that can be seen when looking down from this hill.

A mikveh (I sat on a stone bench and my feet didn’t reach the floor) with
tiles surrounding the little pool (that’s how I always called it). I think
there were dolphins painted on the tiles.

Schweinfurt: had a home for the displaced persons who due to illness,
disability and/or age were not accepted for immigration. The gas stove
explosion happened in the kitchen of this home.

Wildflecken: had an American military hospital where I spent over 2 months
recuperating from the injuries due to the gas stove explosion. There were
German hospitals that could handle such trauma and thus this hospital took
care of both the DPs and the American soldiers.

Bremen, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt, Hamburg (sailed from there), Koeffering,
Bayreuth, and Kassel were some of the towns mentioned by this cousin.She
also mentioned Silesia in reference to my parents. Both of them suffered
from complications of their enforced labor.

If anybody recognizes anything of these places, events or my family, it
would be wonderful if they could contact me. My daughter resembles my
so that’s a blessing of genetics although sometimes it breaks my heart. I
would like to have more history not only for myself but also for my
granddaughter. I’ve been searching for my missing brother, Peter, for many
years. If you’re out there and recognize any of these details, please
contact your big sister.

Thank you.

Maria Mackey
(born Maruschia Spiegel)