been one of the luckiest people in the world, because after 53 years I found my twin brother after being separated during selection in the Sosnowiec ghetto in Poland in 1942.

During this selection my Mother jumped to the deaths when the Gestapo took away her children. We were there and witnessed the tragic day. I was three and a half years old, so was my twin brother, Adam.

We had an older sister Gienia that was twelve at that time. I survived with Catholic people who hid me during the war in the City of Czestochowa.

Adam survived in the Death Camp of Majdanek. It took over half century until I found him.

I still didn’t give up the search for my older sister Gienia; in Yiddish her name was Gitla. She was born in Sosnowiec, Poland on October, 8th 1931.

So may be if you will put my letter in your Internet site, someone might know something.

I’m also attaching picture of my family in 1941(?) [please see above]. From left to right, our mother, Ester Paluch holding on her lap my brother Adam to the right, me Ida on the left. In the middle standing is my sister Gienia. Next is my Aunt Rozia with her son Abus, who gave me away to a Catholic family Josefa and Wiliam Maj.

Thank God for people like you who still care.

Very grateful,

Ida Paluch Kersz

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