This is a request for an “allgenerations search from my mother, Hanka Rotenberg Zylberminc from Bedzin. My father, Mordka Zylbermince was from Sosnowiec.

My mother, Hanka Rotenberg Zylberminc of Bedzin is looking for:

1. HENYA CWILICH who married Itche Cwilich of Klimontow( near Sosnowiec) shortly before WWII. Itche Cwilich died in a camp and Henya survived, remarried and went to the United States or Canada. We do not know Henya’s maiden name.

2. DR. RICHTER of Bedzin. His parents owned a material store next to a pharmacy near the old market. Dr. Richter came to the Neusaltz camp during the war.

3. The DRUCHS (next door neighbors) who lived at ul. Rybna #1 in Bedzin. Parents were Leizer and Mindel, children’s names were Mayer, Rivka, Shulem and Majlech.

My husband is also a child of survivors. His parents were from two cities near Mukaceco, now in the Ukraine. My husband’s mother was Sara Sternbach Weiss from Svalyava and his father was Elya Weiss from Polana (9 km. from Svalyava).