In my search of Poland Holocaust Records (Czestochowa-Radomsko Area), I found the name Icek Izraelewicz in the section Poland: (Register of Jewish Survivors II (Jewish Agency, 1945) (H) – Sort 33669 Digital file id 09/DSC00079.JPG – Page 124.

My father’s parents with his 3 brothers perished in WWII, however we were unable to find any information on them, nor any witnesses of their demise.

One of the brothers was Icek (Izak, Itzchak) Izraelewicz.

Does anybody know how do I research farther the above listing? Who do I contact to try to find out whether the person listed in that document may be my father’s brother?

The parents were Chana Sura (nee Sofer) and Mojsze Izraelewicz.

There were 5 brothers and 2 sisters living in Sochaczew prior to the war. The 2 sisters, my Dad, one of the brothers are alive and well.

We are looking for some closure on the rest of the family. Did one of the remaining 3 brothers survive and if so, is there a family?