I would be grateful for any information, regarding my brother, ZOLTAN NEUMANN, born on Nov. 21st 1924 in Budapest/Ujpest.

He was taken for “labor” in the late 1941 or in 1942 from Ruzomberok/Rybarpole Czechoslovakia, and was transported via Zilina to Poland, together with his best friend Otto Deimel, whose parents were deported later as well.

In 1943 my mother received a card from a concentration camp TRAWNIKY, where she wrote us that “our children ZOLI and OTTO were in Erwin’s (I guess it was Mr. Deimel ) proximity.

We recovered 2 cards in 1943 from Mrs. Olga Deimel from Trawniky and that is all what I know about my only brother.

After liberation we heard some rumors that he survived and was on the road home, but he never returned to us.

If anyone heard about him or his friend Otto Deimel, maybe remembers them from the camp, or after, please contact me.