Could you please insert the following notice into your list of publications.
Who knows, may be someone has some information about the whereabout of my father’s transport in 1944:

Looking for information about the group of Jews taken from Budapest, Hungary in October/November 1944 . The transport was taken toward the Austrian border.

My father’s name is Mor Miklos Ungar, born in 1892 in Ujpest.

He was taken by the Nyilaskereszt on October 20, 1944 from our apartment, at Alpar ucca in Budapest.

We received a postcard from him later in October 1944 from Szony/ Gyor, Hungary.

The last news came from Nagycenk, Hungary on November 29, 1944.

I’d like to know where the group was taken, etc.

Thanking you for any news.

George Kennedy