Wiesenthal Center slams Irving release
VIENNA, Austria

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem condemned the decision made Wednesday by Austria’s Supreme Court to release Holocaust denier David Irving from prison.

The center’s director, Ephraim Soroff, said on Wednesday afternoon that releasing Irving merely a week after what he had called the “Teheran Festival” encouraged Holocasut deniers around the world. Soroff added that Irving had not changed his views and that the court’s decision had awarded a prize to the most dangerous and influential active Holocaust denier.

The court ruled earlier Wednesday that British author Irving, imprisoned on charges of denying the Holocaust, would be released to serve the rest of his three-year sentence on probation.

The court granted Irving’s appeal and converted two-thirds of his sentence into probation, said Anton Sumerauer, vice president and spokesman for the court. Since Irving has already spent more than 13 months behind bars, the ruling means he will be released from prison, he said.