Seeking Weinmann siblings (Rolf/Ralph/Rudolf or his brother Ernst Gabriel
or his sister Erica Weinmann Marcus):

One of our child refugees was Rudolf (Rolf) Weinmann born in Bielefeld on May 13, 1931. His father was Ulrich Weinmann, born in 1887; his mother Hilde Weinmann, born in 1898. They lived at Renterstrasse 20 in Bielefeld when Rudolf was sent to Belgium in 1939. records indicate that he was able to come to the USA in the summer 1941 from France with a group of other children.
We have not been able to trace him after he arrived in New York in 1941. He was probably placed with a foster family. Would you have any sources in Bielefeld (or elsewhere) as to what happened to him after 1941?

Walter Reed
Wilmette IL USA

From Fritz to Walter:
“Antisemitisch Verfolgte registriert in Bielefeld 1933-45 ” which was compiled by Monika Minninger, Joachim Meynert and Friedrich Schaeffer and published by the City Archive in 1985. On page 228/9 the Weinmann family has an entry:

father Ulrich WEINMANN, born 07 Nov 1886 in Auerbach
mother Hilde WEINMANN, maiden name LÖWENSTEIN, born 07 Jan 1898 in

They are said to have been deported to Riga on 13 Dec 1941 – Then there are the three children:

Erika, born 26 Feb 1924 in Bielefeld
Rolf, born 13 May 1931 in Bielefeld and
Ernst Gabriel, born 07 Feb 1934 in Bielefeld.

About Ernst Gabriel the book says “Ein Kindertransport vom Maerz 1939 brachte Ernst W. nach Belgien, wo er von 1942 bis Sept. 1944 versteckt gehalten wurde. Er ueberlebte und blieb in Belgien.”

Rolf Weinmann “(spaeter Ralph), konnte am 31. August 1937 von seinen Eltern in einem juedischen Kinderheim in Dinslaken untergebracht werden. Von dort kam er durch einen Kindertransport in ein katholisches Heim in Bruessel. Beim Einmarsch der deutschen Truppen brachte ihn ein weiterer
Kindertransport nach Frankreich. Von dort gelang im August 1941 seine uswanderung in die USA (San Francisco)”.

Somehow the compilers of the book, mainly Frau Minninger, seems to have had contact with him in San Francisco. Possibly this information can lead you further?

Perhaps the last information could also help:

“Auch Erika WEINMANN konnt nach USA auswandern und lebte in den 60er Jahren als Erica MARCUS in New Jersey.” So, if the sister was traceable, she could know where her brother is ..